Food plot equipment, wood drag sections $50, steel spike drag sections $80, 80 steel adjustable spike drag sections $150, 44 spring drag sections $150, 40 cultipacker $375, 7.5 cultipacker $675.
I have for sale cultipackers of various sizes. They are available in 4,5,8 and 12 feet. Most are painted and the 12 footer is not. Asking price is $100 per foot. Call Tom if interested.
Springsummer blend containing all premium seed no fillers. This blend contains forage pea, forage soybean, crimson clover, sorghum and sunflower. This is designed to produce maximum tonnage and give your deer the nutrition they need to help reach there full potential. I buy this seed directly from a wholesale distributor for my food plots and a few friends. Cost is $45acre, I can break it up to...