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I am looking to rehome both of my sweet kitty s. I unfortunately work third shift and can t give them the attention they need and deserve. They are both pretty young, both around the age of 3. They enjoy playing with each other and cuddling. The gray/white one (Rory) is not so much a cuddler, but Jazzy (the mostly gray one) loves attention and being pet. She ll even let you rub her belly. I wou...
This is a bonded f/m pair of cats Gracie is a laidback, friendly cat. She takes awhile to warm up to new people but then is an affectionate girl. Clancy is friendly from the start. He is affectionate and loves to jump on laps.
Zorro is an acrobatics ninja and loves to play. He s wary of strangers until he warms up to them. He loves to cuddle in bed with the kids. The only reason we re looking to rehome him is because we re moving out of state and the next year we won t be able to keep him. He s a well behaved cat with no issues.
IMPORTANT: I don t know what happened to the other listing, but Ted comes with a bonus cat, Robin, his sister. I would very much prefer they go to the same home. Ted likes to hang over your leg or shoulder, the higher the better. Fun & energetic. 3 years old in July.
Bella is a quiet and reserved cat. She is an excellent jumper but doesn't make messes. For a lot of the day she likes to do her own thing, which means a lot of napping on my bed and moving from hiding spot to hiding spot. She's a great hunter and mouser. She loves to chase a laser and your feet under the blankets at night. She's lived with children, cats, and a couple dogs. She gets along with ...
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