Just moved back to WI after living overseas for 5 years. Came with nothing but 6 suitcases and limited funds. I do start a job Wednesday. I have 4 daughters. Looking for a double or bigger bed, one twin bed, and clothing for my 3 oldest girls (women's size 7 & 8 jeans - medium juniors/women's tops - size 14 girl's clothes). Possibly some barbies/dolls anyone could spare for my 10 yr old. Can pi...
Desperately in need of a bed...I'm currently sleeping on my couch.. freecycle has been good to me and now I'm asking if there is anyone who can deliver me a bed...I would greatly appreciate it...I'm on disability and I don't drive ..please let me know...my name is pam
I am looking for VHS tapes of Children s animated movies. It has been challenging to find films my 2 year old son can view with the family. We have an old VCR that I m hoping to create some special Mom & me time with G rated films. Thank you for reading!
I need someone to haul a sled from Almont, MI to Milwaukee, WI around the middle of January. Thanks. Mike
Call 414-258-0530 wanted to buy 1968-1970 W-31 Oldsmobile cars and parts.. Call 414-258-0530. milwaukee, WI 53218 (414) 258-0530
Looking for a used (or new) viola for child in orchestra. Please help!
Can afford new one, can't cook on top on stove in need of working oven, please
Looking for stove and fridge for a family member with 3 little girls. She is low income with an authistic girl.
recovering from cancer treatment and looking for a good stationary bike to help me get strong again.
recovering from cancer treatment and looking for a good elliptical machine to help me get strong again.
My sister is having another surgery and a recliner would be an amazing asset at this time.
Hi, please, I am looking for any items that can be used to make mosaics, pretty plates, tiles, etc. Thanks
The animal adopt center I work with is looking to make dividers/partitions to place between the kennels. something a little larger in size and that can be sanitized Thank you!
I am in need of light to medium tone blue carpet. I have my grandson and need carpeting for his room. I also need some carpet for my room, blue or any color. The floors are so cold with the Winter weatther. Thank you!
I am in need of wood, preferably already sanded/smooth. I don t mind if it has different shapes or different edges, as long as one side is smooth. Should be sizes for photos of all sizes or any size to create signs. This will be a DO-IT-YOURSELF project to make Christmas money to so be able to shop for my grandson s Christmas. Thank you!
Found a sewing machine with it's power cord (light is working), but they cut off the foot peddle. Does anyone have one?
I am still In need of living room and bedroom furniture.I just came from Florida and I do need any warmer clothes anyone is getting rid of..like coats jeans sweaters hats gloves boots..i wear an XL and a woman's size 10 shoe..my fiance wears and xl and men's size 10 shoe...I have received some pots and pans, some blankets..dishes..I thank everyone who has helped me and for understanding that I ...