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Whirlpool self cleaning oven Works fine Can deliver for free
You disassemble and haul. Playset with slide, swing, fort, sandbox and fireman's pole.
In search of any working or non-working computer equipment, old cell phones and accessories, stereo systems, cables, gaming consoles, modems & routers, cameras, VCRs, TVs, small appliances, and just about anything else electrical/mechanical in nature. * Items we accept are cleaned, tested, and resold if possible. Some electronics are disassembled for usable parts and recyclable materials. Other...
Wanted to see if anyone has extra bike locks before I buy a new one. Thank you so much!
Need one. Will take up to 4 Can be on rim or off. If you need rim(s) I can remove the tire(s) and return the rim(s).
Offering a white metal single cupboard unit. Contains some rust on the metal and some love on the wood portion, would be best for utility use or need to be repainted. Roughly standard counter height, wood top surface, then a drawer and a cupboard, including door, on the bottom. I estimate 2 feet wide. Sorry, currently no image. Please inquire if interested and will provide more details. In a ru...
Teaching my granddaughter (10) how to sew, in need of sewing machine. Also in need of treadmill.
Offering a homemade wooden shelf unit. Was having, contains 2 shelves partitioning it into 3 equal sections and a small "spice rack" still shelves on the outside of one side (right side). Good for utility, garage, or basement items. Shows homemade craftsmanship and wear and tear. Estimating 3 feet tall by 2 feet wide. Just attempting to avoid the landfill. Sorry, no image at this time. Can obta...
Looking for 1 patio rocking chair in good condition.
One pair of doors fits a 4 foot x 95-96 inch opening and one pair fits a 6 foot x 95-96 inch opening (height is somewhat adjustable). Currently they are painted a light color like pale peach, but they can be painted. All hardwear included
Gently used roomba purchased in March 2021. Needs cleaning on outside housing. Cat poop.
If you have an arbor you're no longer interested in, I'd love to come pick it up. I'm turning into a gardening fanatic and could really use an arbor (or two) for my climbing roses and/or clematis.
Looking for a working chest freezer as our current fridge has a tiny freezer compartment that it easily filled.
National Geographic 2-sided laminated world map. Approximately 21" x 32".
Two small lamps and a small lampshade (kind of a silk fabric). The metal lamp does have a sticker on its base but seems like it should be easy to remove. The part where you screw the bulb in on the metal lamp is a little wobbly, but both do work.
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