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Picked this 044 up from a local. He said everything was oem. Well it doesn t look like it. And the piston tried to eat an exhaust bolt. The exhaust bolt won. This is an early 12mm black lever. Any identification to this cylinder? Look chicom to me. Same with the piston. I have a couple slant fin cylinders I might throw in it and run a meteor piston.
I'm looking for some advice on what to do next. Backstory: I have a Farmertec 660 that I built several years ago, ran great, used it for milling, then overheated it (I think?) while milling some Black Locust logs. Piston seemed stuck, couldn't pull the starter cord. I got busy with other things and didn't get around to working on until recently. Over the weekend I installed a new piston and cyl...
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