Looking for a working microwave and toaster! Doesn't matter what size! For donation to Victory Garden Initiative, would work best if drop-off between 9-5pm Mon-Sat, but could potentially pick up if not too far.
I'm looking for one of those fold out heavy cardboard cutting boards for sewers. One that would go over a dinning room table, 6 x 3 feet when open.
Gentlemen. Im looking for a nice 78 and or 79 polaris tx 340 or 440. Must be in nice cond . lower miles prefer. For vintage gatherings . and shows. I would also entertain a 79 polaris centurian. no projects or junk please. Thanks a lot VS.
I'm looking for a large wall calendar to write family appts and to do lists. It can be a fill in yourself or prefilled. I want it to be xxl though
Hello, Looking for Navy scrubs size medium for my daughter. They can't be any other color except Navy. Thanks
All my vases have broken so I'm looking for more of various shapes and sizes. Also looking for a variety of mirrors and picture frames of all shape sizes for for my home.
I am sponsoring a student in K-4 and I am looking for preschool books for her and her classmates. Their primary language is Spanish, but they are learning to speak and read English. I can pick up books you are willing to donate. Thanks!
I'm looking for a storage rack to use for VHS video tapes. A rack that's 5 or 6 rows high would be perfect. We only have a hatchback Ford Focus so if it is bulky it can still work so long as it's easy to break down. Thank you in advance!
Anyone have supplies from their move they'd like to pass on? I can come pick up anywhere in Milwaukee! Thanks!
I'm looking for some fruits growing in your backyard without spray.i can clean up the place afterwards.thanks in advance.
Looking to transplant some of my larger plants and plant new ones, I need pots in a variety of sizes. If you have anything sitting around that you d like to get rid of, please let me know! Thanks. Fouronefour-651-sixfour21
Looking for a bread-making machine, in working condition.
Looking for a seated walker for a larger person. It is only for a few months and then will repost as an offer for someone to use. The person is just needing it until they can walk alone on uneven surfaces.
Looking for a working iron if anyone has one they don t need.
I have a ton of projects I need to get done before our second child arrives next spring. Lots of furniture to build, and would sure love a table saw to make my winter projects a little easier. If you have an old one lying around that you have no intention of using, please let me know. Thanks!
Hi! We are in need of soil or dirt to do grading work on our home. These storms have been washing us away! Any suggestion, tips, ideas are also appreciated!! thank you!!
I'm looking for a glass blender for smoothies.thanks in advance.
I am in need of some moving boxes. I will be moving soon.
Looking for an 55 gallon aquarium that holds water. My fish tank is bowing outward and think it will leak pretty soon.
Looking for clear fiberglass backboard for outdoor hoop, ours is irreparably cracked. Don't need rim or post, however will take them as well if that helps. Thanks.
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