Clark Larson Juhl metal frame molding Five lengths for you to cut and make frames. Brushed rose color 7ft and 2ft 8 inchlengths Silver grey color 10ft, 7ft, and 3ft lengths
I have an older Maytag refrigerator that works just fine. Standard set up with freezer on top. It is clean and just moved to my garage this weekend. Contact me for info. You must be able to pick it up.
I have a bin of new and/or slightly used cosmetics and toiletries that I am not using. I've collected sample sizes, gotten things as gifts or tried/didn't like a variety of products ranging from shampoo/conditioner, makeup, perfume, soap, deodorant, lotions and other items. All are in great shape. I don't want them to go to waste. Contact me for more info.
Thought I'd offer these up before they head to recycling - I have a heap of glass jars available - not canning jars, but peanut butter jars, pickle jars, etc. They are all clean, with lids, and with the labels removed. Can you use them? I'm in Glendale, and can be around most anytime for pickup!
I've got a miscellaneous collection of notepads, paper, folders, a ruler and some pens and pencils up for grabs. Can you use them? Some of the notepads are cute kids pads, some are boring promotional items, it's a range. Come and get'em! I'm in Glendale, and could be available most anytime for pickup. Happy freecyling! -Cindy
Free to a good home or day care.
Sergeant brand from ~1920. Finish has some fixable damage. Was appraised at $700 a few years ago. Appraiser remarked that the inside was in really good shape. I have appraisal somewhere and I'll find it if someone expresses interest. One of the legs came off and needs to be re-attached. Currently storing on its side on my indoor front porch. Unfortunately, the pictures I had of it were on the h...
10 potted amaryllis plants. These bulbs are offshoots that were potted this spring and raised outside all summer. Most will need another year before they flower. These are indoor plants that can be placed outdoors for summer and then brought back in before frost. Google "Amaryllis" for more care info.
Can you take my old shell and pretty rock collection off my hands? There's some polished rocks in there too. Maybe for kids art projects or exploration? Pickup is in Glendale, and I can be around most anytime!
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Got a swing set or a jungle gym? Cushion the ground underneath with rubber tiles to absorb the shock when little ones fall. St. Ann Center is eliminating one playground and has more than 200 24-in-square interlocking rubber tiles, installed new in 2008, to give away, plus a few smaller tiles custom-cut to fit the area. (All are in the ground as shown.) Call Andy at 414-977-5017 for more info.
We re getting rid of some soil from a garden bed, but it likely has weeds in it so beware of using it for planting purposes. About 2 yards total and available today (the 23rd) in East Tosa.
I have half a pile left (about 1 cubic yard) of fill quality dirt. First come first serve.
Very large (24" x 24") concrete planter. It has potting soil in it and is heavy. Sorry about the weeds...
Chair has some wear but recliner mechanism works well. It is not a power recliner. Soft blue material.
Small pressed wood TV stand.
I have an extra long bath bench, It is very nice because the person sits on the bench on the side that is out of the tub and then slides over so they are on it in the tub. No having to try and step over the edge of the tub which can result in falls.
Sdhc card for digital cameras and camcorders.
Canning jars, approximately 5 cases of quarts, 6 cases of pints, and 2 cases of 1/2 pints. Prompt pickup appreciated.
Large wood cabinet. Doors slide inside.Great for storage ex an office or room with no closet.Free
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