Stoves for Sale in Milwaukee, WI

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Oak veneer Upholstered chairs with wheels. Great for small apt. Must take bt wednesday
6-Sep-2017 Big Bend, WI (21 miles) Stoves for Sale
Affectionately called the RADIANT and as cute as a button is this vintage all cast iron "railroad" cook stove with a large 20"x22" cook top in amazing condition....clean as a whistle inside and out without an issue. Called the # 91 this beauty was manufactured in right here in the USA by the Ideal Furnace Co. in Detroit Michigan. Mind you, this is no Asian junk. This stove all high density cast...
9-Sep-2017 Big Bend, WI (21 miles) Stoves for Sale
How about a premium quality, high tech, like new wood stove that won t overwhelm you? Well Bosca has over 25 years of experience in developing top quality woodstoves for a country which has the most dramatic of all cold weathers .right here in the USA! Bosca s core mission has always been to never compromise on the quality and safety of their products. Their wood stoves are renowned for their a...
16-Sep-2017 Big Bend, WI (21 miles) Stoves for Sale
SOAPSTONE! Admittedly an oldie but certainly a rare and gorgeous goodie. This is a beautiful early model HEARTHSTONE Mansfield MO # 8012, 100% woodstove in darn nice condition and ready to install. This beautiful, high quality, USA made non catalytic wood stove was built for fire and built to last. Amazing 88+% efficiency ratings. This wood stove is clearly an heirloom that can easily be the fo...
18-Sep-2017 Big Bend, WI (21 miles) Stoves for Sale
Ah, the perfect classic American Parlor Stove. Cute as a button and clean as a whistle inside and out. Underneath too! Like a fine piece of art this beauty will take center stage to any living room, dining room or parlor....any room! Exquisite beauty, detail and texture make it a worthy heirloom and it can also work hard to drive down your heating bills. Mica windows to see the dancing flames a...
21-Sep-2017 Big Bend, WI (21 miles) Stoves for Sale
Direct to you .a Kalamazoo! And a most fortunate YOU A genuine museum quality KALAMAZOO! This BEHEAMOUTH is called the FRANKLIN and it is huge! Measures: 45 H x 34 W x24 D and will burn wood or coal! This stove is one of the largest circulators ever made featuring an immense 5+ CU firebox! It will heat a VERY large space or even a house! Interestingly, between 1902 and 1952, the Michigan based ...
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